About Us
Morris dancing began when the first man and his mate danced around the cave in an effort to keep warm before they discovered the benefits of fire.  Bearskins flapping, they found they enjoyed themselves both dancing & watching their friends.  Soon one found they could hum (& in their ancient bearskins they probably hummed a great deal!) & Morris dancing was discovered.

It continued throughout history with young maids and their swains dancing at their village fayres on the one & only day they had away from their toils each year.

They danced ~ because for that day ~ they were free.
They danced to entertain others.  
They danced to have fun.

And so it has been through the ages until, in a little Kentish village near Maidstone in 1978, some bored folk gathered together over a pint of "Goacher's Ale", tapping their feet as one of their number hummed a ditty & so it was that Boughton Monchelsea Morris was born.

We practice - believe or not - on Thursday evenings during the winter in Barming,  Maidstone, then dance out through the Summer months.

So if you fancy having a go, please don't be afraid to approach any one of us at the end of the dance for details or contact our general dogsbody:- Andrea - by email - please see our contact details.  

You'll be very welcome - and remember -  we all had to begin once {& some of us still aren't much better!}