Dec. 118. Mr. Dickenson's account of business depending before the
Lords of the Council standing over from the month of November.
It comprised the business between Dr. Temple and Sir William
Andrewes : [Margin, by Sec. Windebank, " Dispatched/'] Sir Robert
Napper to answer complaint made by the inhabitants of Shitlington,
co. Bedford, about stocking woods. Letter from the Vice-President
and Council of York, Lord Fairfax, and Francis Fairfax. Theodore
Waterhouse sent for upon complaint that he troubles the King's
subjects in some parts of co. York with subpoenas.
The late Mayor
of Maidstone and two others sent for on a certificate of Justices of
Peace, who had order to examine a petition of the young men of
that town about Morris-dancing: [Margin, by Sec. Windebank,
" Dispatched."]

Committee about taverns appointed to meet. The
Londoners to attend on Sunday evening about tithes. Letters
to the Bishops of the Welsh dioceses touching moneys collected for
public occasions, but converted to private uses, which is to be
employed towards reparation of St. Paul's. [1 p.]

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